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The Bicycle Fixer at Seattle-Genetics

Is your company located in one of the Seattle metro area cities? The Bicycle Fixer Corporate Partnership program provides same day repairs to employee's bicycles while at their work station. For those companies that offer a bicycle commuter program to their employee's, this service can save time for your work force, eliminate employee stress and offer an answer to potential problems that arise while commuting to and from work. The Bicycle Fixer is available to share solutions to those riders just starting out as bicycle commuters. This is especially useful as many employers offer commuting incentives to their employee's for traffic reduction, parking and a more healthy workforce.

Seattle was the first city in the United States to have a police bicycle patrol division. Now, a few decades later, this method of serving the public has become a standard method of patrolling the streets and working crowd control. Police departments and security groups bike fleets use the more durable mountain bike with heavy duty disc brakes, shocks and tough tires. As rugged as police bikes are, police bikes encounter plenty of urban obstacles from curbs to potholes to weather exposure. Police bikes generally need more service attention than the average bicycle for the aforementioned reasons. If your police bike division would like the convenience of on-site bike repair, call or email The Bicycle Fixer 

How it works. Your company and The Bicycle Fixer set up a day to arrive at your location. You inform employee's in advance through internal email or posted flyers I can provide, giving those who need bicycle service ample time to arrange to bring their bike to work. On the day specified I can arrive as early as 7 a.m. to set up at a location you deem best. Employee's drop off their bike and can pick it up throughout the day and be on their way, safe and worry free. 

In addition to carrying the most common repair and service parts, The Bicycle Fixer carries some of the more popular accessories requested: lights, racks, fenders, seat bags, tools and pumps. Special items not stocked in the van can be ordered ahead of time to accommodate those needs. In that case the employee can contact me directly
and I'd have the product available upon my arrival. Upon completion of my work day, I leave the work area clean and free of any sign I was there.

I've worked 35+ years in the bicycle industry as a mechanic, service manager, and professional race mechanic. My knowledge, flexibility, experience and can do attitude set The Bicycle Fixer apart from many other groups. 

Corporate Partnerships and Bike Fleet Programs

Basic Tune-up Package $70* (regular $75)
Maximum 8 bikes/day

Performance check
Brake Adjustment
Headset Adjustment
Shifting/Derailleur Adjustment
Minor Wheel Truing (on bike)
Check Hubs (wheel bearings)
Check Bottom Bracket
Torque bolts to spec
Pump Tires
Frame wipe
Test Ride

Traditional Tune-up Package $85* (regular $95)
Maximum 5 bikes/day

Basic Tune-up package plus:
Adjust Hubs
Drivetrain and wheel cleaning
Frame/fork polish

Advanced Tune-up Package $110* (regular $125)
Maximum 5 bikes/day

Basic Tune-up package plus:
Wheel truing lateral, radial and dish (off bike)

* 3 bike minimum

No Trip charge with a 3 bike minimum. 

Does your company participate in Bike to Work Month in May? Many corporations and other groups offer financial incentives during Bike to Work month for participating employee's. Bike to Work week is celebrated in the fourth week of May with Bike to Work day being Friday of that week. The HR department of most companies will know if your group is active in Bike to Work Month bicycle commuting programs or if you oversee transportation solutions for your company, please contact me:

Bike to Work month (May) special

Basic Tune-Up Package 

Regular price $75.00
Bike to Work month $65.00**

*Basic Adjustment package includes:
Performance Check/ Bicycle Inspection
Brake Adjustment
Derailleur (Shifting) Adjustment
Headset(Steering bearing) Adjustment
Minor Wheel Truing ( on bike)
Hub (Wheel) Bearing Check
Check bolts for proper torque
Pump Tires
Frame wipe
Test Ride
* parts and tax not included
** 3 bike minimum

For those looking for maps showing safe commuter routes please go to The Bicycle Fixers Events and Rides page.
There's a link to the King County commuter map. For those living in other counties, maps can be found on a counties website.

Some of our corporate partners:

Woodland Park Zoo
Swedish Hospital Cherry Hill Campus
Bellevue School District

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