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The Bicycle Fixer

The Bicycle Fixer
Mobile Bicycle Repair Shop
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The Bicycle Fixer
  is a mobile bicycle repair shop that offers you the convenience of having repairs done at your home, office and even out by the side of the road! Dedicated to repairing and maintaining all types of bicycles including road bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, fixies, as well as scooters. 

My name is Joe Sandschulte and I've been working in the Seattle area as a mechanic for nearly 35 years. More than 25 of those years I've worked as a professional road, track, cyclocross and mountain bike race mechanic. I can still be found providing technical support at many local and national road events. This gives me first hand knowledge of the needs of those who ride in all conditions and locales whether in Seattle or elsewhere.

There are vast similarities between being a race mechanic and The Bicycle Fixer .  Both are engaged in mobile bicycle repair, efficiency and a very positive attitude. 
The Bicycle Fixer  brings that knowledge gained, to you, the bicycle owner.

The Bicycle Fixer  Shop Repair Services range from fixing a flat tire to minor repairs on carbon frames and most everything in between. Please visit the rates page for a more complete listing.


The bicycle is a simple, yet elegant piece of machinery with many functions.
Racing, Touring, Commuting and for just plain fun!  Each have their own specific needs and require some level of care, whether it be frequent maintenance (the professional racer), or maintenance every few years (seldom used bikes).  This TLC can be accomplished with fair pricing, quality service and at your convenience by contacting The Bicycle Fixer, a mobile bicycle repair shop. 

Honesty is essential in the assessment of the bike for repairs. It is of the utmost importance not only to you, the bicycle owner but to me, The Bicycle Fixer. Quotes over the phone or through the website are just that, a quote, a final estimate is provided on site.

Whether you've spent a few hundred dollars or a few thousand your bicycle is an investment.  Keep it well maintained and safe for you and your family.

                            SafetyEfficiency Enjoyment 


                Serving Seattle Renton Bellevue Redmond Bothell Woodinville Kirkland        
                                            West Seattle ~ SoDo ~ Auburn

                                                                            1950's touring/city bike

                                               Capitol Forest 24 hr race - 1996
                                                (after 7 hr flight from Miami!)

                                    Emergency Road Repair


House or Office calls

Mondays thru Saturdays 9:00 to 6:00
( 9-5 Winter Nov-March )


Call: 253-486-7468

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The Bicycle Fixer
Providing Quality Mobile Repair at Your Convenience

Your Bicycle Shop on Wheels

Safety - Efficiency - Enjoyment 

( S.E.E.)

Enjoy your Ride!

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